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Spring 2019

Sponsored by: Facultat de Filosofia, Universitat de Barcelona and FFI2016-81858-REDC (FEDER-MINECO)

  • March 1: Bianca Cepollaro (San Raffaele): “The Moral Status of Reclamation”
  • March 8: Pablo Rychter (València): “Abilities and Social Self-conceptions”—Postponed
  • March 15: Pekka Vayrynen (Leeds): “Evaluative Properties, Determination, and Multiple Realization”
  • March 22: Samuel Chilovi (Barcelona): “Grounding-Based Formulations of Legal Positivism”
  • March 29: Justina Diaz Legaspe (CONICET) & Adam Sennet (UCDavies): papers on slurs and substitutivity
  • April 5: Serena Olsaretti (ICREA & UPF): “Fairness and Sharing the Costs of Children”
  • April 12: Pablo Magaña (UPF): “Conceptual Ethics Meets Political Theory: The Case of Non-Human Animals”
  • April 26: Boo Jackson (Nottingham): “Sexual orientation: sex, gender, and sexual ‘druthers’”
  • May 3: Marta Jorba (UPV/EHU): “Conceptualising Intersectionality”
  • May 10: Giulio Pietroiusti (Barcelona): “The Cowl Does Not Make the Monk: A Noncognitivist Account of Disagreement”
  • May 17: Alexander Dinges (Hamburg) & Julia Zakkou (Freie-Berlin): “Knowledge and Acquaintance in Subjective Discourse”

Fall 2018

Sponsored by: Facultat de Filosofia, Universitat de Barcelona & FFI2015-66372-P (MINECO/FEDER).

  • Oct 5: Iñigo González-Ricoy (Barcelona): “Republics Writ Small: Authority and the Political Nature of the Firm”
  • Oct 19: Pablo Rychter (València): “Abilities and Social Self-conceptions” (cancelled)
  • Oct 26: Teresa Marques (Barcelona): “Amelioration v. Perversion”
  • Nov 2: Esa Diaz-León (Barcelona): “The Semantic Account of Slurs, Appropriation, and Metalinguistic Negotiations”
  • Nov 9: Dan López de Sa (ICREA & Barcelona): “Social Constructions: Produced by the Social vs Chageable by the Social”
  • Nov 16: John Horden (Barcelona) & Dan López de Sa (ICREA & Barcelona): “Groups: The Plural Identity Thesis”
  • Nov 30: Giuliano Torrengo (Milano): “In the Past Begin Responsibilities”
  • Dec 14: Francesco Guala (Milano): “Rescuing Ontological Individualism”

Spring 2018

  • Feb 23: Sam Chilovi (Barcelona & Glasgow) [& George Pavlakos (Glasgow)]: “Rational Determination as Grounding: a Common Grounding Framework for Jurisprudence”
  • March 2: Genoveva Martí (ICREA and University of Barcelona) and Lorena Ramírez-Ludeña: “Tolerance, Flexibility and the Application of Kind Terms”
  • March 16: Dario Mortini (Barcelona): “On how to put knowledge first: the conceptual priority of knowledge”
  • March 23: Marta Jorba (UPV/EHU): “Beyond ‘mutual constitution’: the properties framework for intersectionality theory”
  • April 6: Teresa Marques (Barcelona): “Amelioration vs Perversion”—postponed
  • April 13 Javier Suárez (Barcelona) & Vanessa Triviño (Murcia): “Holobionts: Scaffolds of host individuality or emergent biological individuals?”
  • May 4: Lisa Vogt (Barcelona): “How Could Dispositional Essences Govern the Fundamental Level?”
  • May 11 Giuliu Pietroiusti (Barcelona): “Disagreement, uncertainty and conflict”
  • May 18 Iñigo Valero (Barcelona): “Degrees of Naturalness: An Argument Against Dichotomical Accounts of Natural Kinds”

Fall 2017

  • Oct 20: Esa Díaz-León (Barcelona): “Social Construction, Grounding, and Amelioration”
  • Nov 17: Vincent Grandjean-Perrenoud-Contesse
    (Neuchâtel): “How is the Asymmetry between the Future and the Past to be understood?”
  • Nov 24: Matheus Valente (Barcelona): “Concepts, internalism, and deference”
  • Nov 24: Indrek Reiland (Barcelona): “Constitutive Rules”
  • Dic 1: Moritz Baron (Stirling): “Counterfactuals and the Necessity of Mathematics”

Spring 2017

  • Feb 24: Aurélien Darbellay: “The cooperative making of institutional reality”
  • March 10: Marta Campdelacreu: “Pluralism and the problem of cheap indeterminism”
  • March 17: Esa Diaz-Leon: “Social construction and universality”
  • March 24:  Giuliano Torrengo: “How could time really flow“
  • March 31: Sam Chilovi: “From grounding to supervenience”
  • April 7: Dan López de Sa: “Significant verbal disputes and so-called “metalinguisitic negotiations””
  • April 28: Matheus Valente: “Mental representation and indexicality”
  • May 12: Lisa Vogt: “Is there a Problem for Grounding Natural Modalities in Dispositional Essences?”.
  • May 19: Jonathan Schaffer: “Laws for Metaphysical Explanation”

Fall 2016

  • Oct 7 Esa Díaz León: “Descriptive vs. Ameliorative Projects: The Role of Normative Considerations”
  • Oct 21  Dan López de Sa: “Women, People, and Humans”
  • Oct 28 Aurélien Darbellay: “Analyzing collective phenomena: circularity and primitivity”
  • Nov 4 Manolo García-Carpintero: “The Role of Intention and Convention in the Constitution of Speech Acts””
  • Nov 11 Roberto Loss: “Grounding and Free Lunches”
  • Nov 18  Lisa Vogt: “(Un)restricted Triviality Troubles for Hofweber’s Theory of Quantification”

Spring 2016

  • Feb 19 Esa Diaz-Leon (Barcelona): “Amelioration, Verbal Disputes, and Metaphysical Deflationism”
  • Feb 26 Marta Campdelacreu (Barcelona): “Pluralism and The Problem of Cheap Indeterminism”
  • March 4 Dan López de Sa (ICREA-Barcelona): “Women, People, and Humans: A Response to Witt’s Metaphysics of Gender
  • March 11 John Horden (Barcelona): “Metaphysical Triviality and Trivialist Platonism”
  • March 18 Roberto Loss (Barcelona): “Reality and Time”
  • April 1 Aurélien Darbelley (Barcelona): “Sociality as Cooperation”
  • April 8 Samuele Chilovi (Barcelona): “Supervenience-based Formulations of Legal Positivism”
  • April 15 Manuel García-Carpintero (Barcelona): “Colors, Response-Dependence, and Circularity”
  • April 22 Tomás Castagnino (U. Buenos Aires): “Extraordinary objects.  The implications of the Grounding Problem for the Ontology of Material Objects”


During 2010–15, there was the weekly PMS.