PhD Dissertations (ongoing)

  • Samuele Chilovi (2014-present), dissertation on the metaphysics of legal content (as main supervisor, second: JJ Moreso), Universitat de Barcelona
  • Giulio Pietroiusti (2017-present), dissertation on disagreement in attitude (as main supervisor, second: Teresa Marques), Universitat de Barcelona
  • Iñigo Valero (2017-present), dissertation on scientific classifications and values (as second supervisor, main: Genoveva Martí), Universitat de Barcelona

PhD Dissertations (completed)

  • Dr Aurélien Darbellay (2011-2017), “Writing the Social into the Book of the World” (as main supervisor), Universitat de Barcelona
  • Dr Julia Zakkou (2012-2016):  “Tasty Contextualism” (as second supervisor), Humboldt
  • Dr John Horden (2011-2015): “Composites” (as sole supervisor), Universitat de Barcelona
  • Dr Alexander Dinges (2012-2015), “Epistemic Invariantism and Contextualist Intuitions” (as second supervisor), Humboldt

MA Dissertations (recent)

  • Xavier Castellà Güell (MA APhil2017/18): ‘How the World Fits in Our Actions: an examination of by-locutions’
  • Alexander Davis (MA APhil 2016/17): ‘Towards a Defence of an Internally-Motivating Account of Moral Actions’
  • Arià Paco (APhil MA 2015/16) ‘Identifying Actions’
  • Carlos del Toro (CCiL MA 2013/14): “On the definition of ‘polyamory’”
  • Jan Ferrarons  (APhil MA 2011/12): ‘On the world as a truthmaker for negative existentials’
  • Aurélien Darbellay (APhil MA 2010/11): ‘Eklund’s semantic attack on Quantifier Variance’
  • John Horden (APhil MA 2010/11): ‘Ontology in Plain English’
  • Sergi Oms (CCiL MA 2008/09): ‘Truth-functional and Penumbral Intuitions’


I’m happy to consider supervising on many topics in metaphysics, philosophy of language, and metaethics, with special interest in issues in connection with gender, race, and sexuality, and social metaphysics more generaly.