• ‘Social Constructions: Produced by the Social vs Changeable by the Social’
    Social Ontology 2019; the 6th Biennial ENSO; Tampere; August 2019
  • ‘Kink as a Sexual Orientation’
    SWIP panel at the Joint Sessions 2019; Durham; July 2019
  • ‘Terminological Ethics: BDSM, Polyamory, and other Sexual Orientations’
    Sexual Metaphysics; Barcelona; June 2019
  • ‘Grounding vs Anchoring in the Law’
    Grounding in Law; Barcelona; June 2019
  • ‘The Phenomenon of Claimed Slurs’
    Stanford/CSLI Philosohy of Language & Linguistics Workshop; May 2019


  • ‘No “Lost Disagreement Argument” against Contextualism’ (ongoing wip w/ David Plunkett & Tim Sundell)
    1st BIAP Workshop; Barcelona; January 2019
  • ‘Groups: The Plurality Identity Thesis’ (w/ John Horden)
    Philosophy and Law Workshop Series, Glasgow; November 2018
  • ‘On (Not) Explaining Disagreements’
    Josh Parsons Memorial Conference, St Andrews; June 2018
  • ‘Constructing Sexual Orientations: the Case of Kink’
    DM3—The Metaphysics of Sex and Love, Barcelona; May 2018
  • ‘On Metalinguistic Negotiations’
    ConceptLab, Oslo; May 8 2018
  • ‘Constructing Sexual Orientations: the Case of Kink’
    The Nature and Significance of Social Kinds, Essen; February 2018
  • ‘Significant Verbal Disputes and So-Called ‘Metalinguistic Negotiations’’
    CPUL, Lisbon; September 2017
  • ‘For the Likes of Me’
    “What is Meant” Conference, Berlin; September 2016
  • ‘Taxonomizing Social Power Facts’
    Conference: Non-Ideal Social Ontology, Stockholm; May 2016
  • ‘Women, People, and Humans’
    The Jowett Society, Oxford; April 2016
  • ‘Grounding Beyond the Fundamental: The Case of Gender’
    Workshop on the Lightness of Being,Uppsala, November 2015
  • ‘Not Everything is Fundamental’
    1st EXRE-EIDOS-LOGOS Graduate ConferenceFriburgh, May 2014 (keynote)
  • ‘Analytic Universalism’
    Mereology Workshop, Oxford; April 2014