Ordered by topic (find chronological list here).

Social Metaphysics

Terminological/Conceptual Ethics/Engineering

  • ‘Terminological Injustice: Gender Pluralism and the Ethics of Gender Term’
  • ‘Terminological Ethics: BDSM, Polyamory, and other Sexual Orientations ‘
  • ‘On Metalinguistic Negotiations’ (w/ Amie Thomasson)

Reclamation of Slurs

  • ‘The Successes of Reclamation’ (w/ Bianca Cepollaro)
  • ‘Who Reclaims Slurs?’ forthcoming in Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (w/ Bianca Cepollaro)

Disagreement, Contextualism, Relativism

Grounding, Truthmaking, Response-Dependence, Definitions

Vagueness as Semantic Indecision

Rigidity for predicates